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Zork Returns! Thanks to Open Source Asterisk PBX
Such is the case with the open source Asterisk PBX, which has at least a few strange implementations that developers explained in a session at the IT360 conference here. The session was officially called "Exploring Your Phone System," but Asterisk ...

When is a PBX not a PBX?
No Jitter
What started out as the Asterisk Open Source PBX has now evolved into something different. What is Asterisk today, and where is it going? Asterisk, like so many great inventions, was born out of necessity. In the initial use case, a college student ...

VoIP Equipment Company Enters Hospitality Industry with Asterisk-based PBX Solutions
... the interfaced Asterisk PBX solution is ideal for the hospitality industry because of the setbacks faced by hotels, motels, resorts, spas, casinos and other facilities on account of expensive proprietary PBX (News - Alert) systems, according to ...

Asterisk PBX kisvállalati környezetben - beállítás
Hungarian Unix Portal
Most egy olyan érdekelne, hogy ha a fővonal VoIP-on jönne - tehát nem hagyományos analóg telefon fővonal -, akkor ez hogyan működik? Az Asterisk doksiját nézegetem, de lehet hogy elsiklok a dolog felett. A szolgáltató (pl. UPC) ad egy VoIP telefon ...

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Robocalls are annoying, so this man is using Raspberry Pi to stop them
Ars Technica
When the Federal Trade Commission told the public it would give $50,000 to anyone who could devise an effective and convenient way to stop telemarketing robocalls, proposals from more than 700 would-be inventors came in. Among those was Alex Ruiz, ...


Securing VoIP: Keeping Your VoIP Networks Safe
Many IP PBXs are Linux based (e.g., asterisk PBX, which is a high target for hackers, Ericsson MX-One, Avaya IP Office). c. Whatever the operating system, if it is Windows based, then make sure that the NTFS file system is used (as opposed to FAT16 or ...

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PCI-E 1X to 16X Riser Card Extender with Molex 4Pin Connector for Mining
Global Sources
Worldwide Suppliers: e-complex Suppliers · gamma e Suppliers · parallel port cards Suppliers · Asterisk Card Suppliers · Asterisk PBX Suppliers. China Suppliers: China Asterisk Card · China Card Chip · China Master Card · China PCI IEEE1394 Card ...


Digium Asterisk-Vyatta VoIP solution poses threat to Cisco and others
A new joint marketing and development agreement between open-source router platform developer Vyatta and open source Asterisk VoIP solutions platform developer Digium holds lots of promise. This promise is largely an artifact of what both companies ...

Elastix 5专业版统一通信解决方案之呼叫中心模块
Elastix系统集成了最优秀的工具,它使Asterisk PBX拥有一个简单易操作的界面,还增加了自己的设备,允许外界创新,使其成为开源通讯最好的软件包。Elastix的目标就是要发展成为一个稳定、可调节和易操作的软件系统。这 ...

Hacker 'Weev' Sends SoundCloud Message From Prison
The classic definition of a hacker is somebody who uses their ingenuity to tinker and modify things to make them do what they were not designed to do. In other words, someone who gets around hurdles with smart "hacks." With that in mind, it shouldn't ...

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